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Issue 14: Summer 2023


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For Issue 14 of Club Oenologique, we’ve got our first-ever guest editor in the hot seat: chef Francis Mallmann.

The pioneering Patagonian chef and wine-and-spirits connoisseur shares his philosophy on good drink and the art of enjoyment. Throughout the magazine we explore themes central to Mallmann’s personal passions. You’ll find coal and flames on these pages as we unpack the live-fire cooking trend in restaurants around the world and delve into the ancestral fire pits employed to give mezcal its signature smokiness. See what’s at the cutting edge of South American winemaking as we look to a lighter style emerging in the glass in Argentina and introduce the latest wave of rising stars across the continent. We have a vertical tasting of Mallmann’s favourite Armagnac in this issue’s Review section – in among the usual mix of rare and wonderful things to drink. And for travel inspiration, we head to the Uruguay wine region the chef helped put on the map, and share a series of restaurants based on wineries across Latin America, yet another trend kickstarted by our maverick guest editor.

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winemakers south america

Wine & Spirits

South America's rising wine stars, where mezcal gets its signature smoke and how Armagnac is bac

chateau de lacquy

The Collection

The world's most sought-after wines and spirits assessed by our experts - from the lighter side of Argentina's wine to Francis Mallmann's favourite Armagnac

francis mallmann in vineyard


Our guest editor shares his philosophy on wine - plus, how the live-fire cooking trend spread and the mise-en-scène of fine dining

wine restaurant south america


Discover the finest restaurants based on South American wine estates and the Uruguay region Francis Mallman helped put on the travel map