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Club Oenologique is a publication dedicated to wine and spirits, and the worlds that surround them. While our quarterly magazine caters to collectors of fine wine and spirits, our website stories aim to engage with social drinkers of all knowledge levels. Through our digital editorial coverage, we’re providing information, inspiration, and recommendations to help guide good drinking – in tandem with our sister brand, The IWSC. We’re also sharing insights into the worlds of food and travel – since an interest in these pursuits is often all part and parcel of the drink lover’s outlook. While wine and spirits can mean a lean towards luxury lifestyle, at, we’re most interested in celebrating the artistic and artisanal within our daily coverage. And while we’re based in London, UK, we’re interested in speaking to drink enthusiasts all over the world. Our contributors are some of the best-known experts in wine and spirits – but we’re also on the lookout for new voices and are keen to commission writers of all backgrounds. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s more on how to pitch to Club Oenologique…

What stories does publish?

  • News-led features: long-form articles dissecting the latest developments in the world of wine and spirits (like this story on NFTs in wine, this look at a wine-related documentary, or this feature on Georgian wine)
  • Trends: a look at emerging or growing styles of wine and spirits, and how best to enjoy them. In the form of written-through features (like this article on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc) or lists (like this look at corn-based spirits).
  • Reviews and reports: wine and spirit recommendations from experts. Please note, all Handpicked by IWSC reviews are compiled in-house and much of our reviews are informed by print/The Collection.
  • Service features: helping wine and spirit lovers, and food and travel enthusiasts, in their passions and pursuits. From this guide to wine subscriptions to this exploration of Edinburgh’s drinking scene and this look at UK wine bars for foodies.
  • Drink-related area guides: on an area known for its drinking heritage or burgeoning wine and spirit scene. See our guide to The Cotswolds, for a taster.
  • Travel reviews: we’re most interested in launches relevant to wine and spirit fans – from Porto’s World of Wine to Johnnie Walker Princes Street.
  • Histories: a look at game-changing moments, makers and venues related to wine and spirits and told by those who were there. Like this account of wine bar Terroirs.
  • Interviews: preferably tied to something new/exciting, or inviting exclusive insights from original voices. Please note, our Life Lessons format is compiled in-house.
  • Behind the bottle: what it takes to make the most-loved drinks on the shelves – from the liquid to the label. See this example on Biondi Santi or this on Chivas Regal.
  • Ask the sommelier: wine-related reader queries answered by the experts, on matters from wine storage to food pairings. Please note, these are currently compiled in-house.
  • Producer profiles: we dabble in these lightly, and prefer to meet the makers through original themes, like our look at surfing winemakers, or within the context of a region, style or trend, like our guide to Bolgheri’s smaller producers.
  • Opinions: our columnists provide our opinion-led pieces, but we’re also interested in insights from those best-informed on trending or expert/niche topics in wine and spirits, or from voices from underrepresented backgrounds or communitites.
  • Expert recommendations: from chefs on the restaurants they can’t wait to visit to sommeliers on their favourite wine books. Please note, these are currently compiled in-house.
  • Photo stories: we’re interested in expanding our image-led content. From first-look venue reports to capturing an important moment in the winery or distillery.
  • Explained: we’re looking to publish more educational guides to wine regions, grapes and styles of spirits. If you’re an expert in a particular field, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s a guide to Chinese wine, our first in the series.

What we’re not looking for…

  • Tasting notes from an event/tasting with a large attendance.
  • Area guides based on group press trips with a shared itinerary – we prefer to commission local experts or regular visitors.
  • Listicles. For our service features, we’re looking to include insights from experts to help intelligently dissect the trend.

How to pitch to

Email our Digital Content Editor with ‘pitch’ included in the subject line, and include an introduction to who you are, what you do and examples of recent work you’ve had published (please include links where applicable). If you’re yet to have work published, please provide an example of your writing in attachment.

Share your idea along with why it’s of interest to Club Oenologique’s audience and why you should be the person to cover it. Please include any indication of experts you’d be calling on for insight within the piece. Explain the format you think will best suit your story idea (please consult the above list for guidance), along with a proposed word count.

Please be patient – it may take a few days for us to respond to your pitch. If you haven’t heard back within a week, please follow up on the same thread.

Our rates are based around .30p/word and invoices are paid after 30 days of submission.

For PR companies, producers and partners…

  • We work with a core team of freelance contributors. If a journalist contacts on behalf of Club Oenologique, please feel free to contact us to check their credentials.
  • We will never request samples unless the Club Oenologique team and its contributors are planning a tasting or feature on the subject. We do not accept unsolicited samples; please contact us if you wish to send samples to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • We will never accept press trips unless the Club Oenologique team and its contributors plan to cover them on the website or within the magazine.