12 of the best wines at M&S in 2024

From an elegant English fizz to a chillable Spanish Garnacha, these are 12 of the best wines at M&S in 2024

Words by Anne Jones

best wines M&S

Over the years, the best wines at M&S have built the brand a reputation for quality, consistency and a focus on innovation but does its current range reflect these principles? The answer, of course, is that it depends. The UK wine and grocery markets demand value, leaving M&S in the tricky position of trying to layer price reductions over expectations of excellence and creativity. On the whole, it performs this balancing act with some dexterity. This guide highlights some of best wines at M&S as tasted at its recent press tasting – wines that reflect various consumer needs and occasions.

The Found range is a notable highlight, featuring unusual grape varieties and quirky labels with interesting facts, catering to consumers who enjoy experimenting with their wine choices. Despite the unfamiliar varieties, many are approachable and fruity in style, mitigating the risk for consumers who trust M&S’s careful winemaking. The ‘Expressions’ range is more of a mixed bag but included a few lovely wines, such as the Organic Garnacha and the Perricone.

The Found range is a notable highlight, featuring unusual grape varieties and quirky labels with interesting facts

For more conservative yet engaged shoppers, the ‘Classics’ range offers reliable options, with the Albariño a standout. For those looking to trade up, the ‘Collection’ range delivers excellent value even though the wines are more expensive, with noteworthy mentions including the Susana Balbo Malbec, the Provence Rosé, and the Hattingley English Sparkling (if you spot this, buy as much as you can and save it for the future). These wines may involve spending more but the quality justifies the cost.

Among the 24 new wines at M&S, creativity and quality shone with the English Pet Nat (in fact, all the English wines showed well), the fabulous Palmer & Co Champagnes, the new Found wines and the vibrant Itata Cinsault. There were many wines with lower prices as M&S shifts the emphasis from promotions to lower prices year-round. To make this possible, in some instances wines have reduced alcohol content, compensated by residual sugar to maintain flavour balance. While this approach was occasionally successful, it didn’t always hit the mark. The entry-level wines tended to be more pedestrian; fruity with a hint of sweetness but lacking in distinct quality or typicity. These wines serve their purpose for casual occasions or as quick grab-and-go options but are less likely to satisfy those seeking something exciting or distinctive.

In summary, the M&S wine range is broad and diverse, weighted towards straightforward, fruity wines. If you’re popping in on your way home, a good general rule is to look to one of the three named sub-ranges (Found, Classics or Collection) for the most reliable drinking experiences. However, if you’re looking for something specific to pique your interest, here’s a dozen of the best wines at M&S today.

What are the IWSC Drinks Supermarket of the Year Awards?

The IWSC Drinks Supermarket of the Year Awards were introduced to provide consumers with an in-depth evaluation of supermarkets’ alcoholic beverage offerings, inclusive of non-alcoholic alternatives. A panel of judges spend months evaluating the biggest UK retailers. Attending supermarket tastings forms part of this process, offering judges the chance to taste many of the wines available in-store and see how buyers are responding to trends and consumer demand.

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