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Award-winning Australian red wine

From stellar Barossa Shiraz to aromatic Victoria Pinot Noir, this is the best Australian red wine from the IWSC 2022

Words by IWSC judges

australian red wine
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Compared with many other countries and continents, Australia’s winemaking origins are well documented. In 1788, Governor Arthur Phillips brought the first vines to Sydney on his ship, The First Fleet, which set off from the Cape of Good Hope. And in 1833, James Busby, ‘the father of Australian wine’ brought cuttings from Spain and France, introducing Grenache and Shiraz to the region.

While sunbaked Australia has no shortage of big, robust reds, the country’s wine is considerably more diverse than that – matching its weather and landscape. Shiraz is by far the most planted grape, growing in nearly every region and accounting for around half of all Australian red wine production. Although the major producers reside in Barossa and McLaren Vale, there’s been an increase in cooler-climate Shiraz too.  

But it’s not all about Shiraz. Cabernet Sauvignon (the third most-planted grape variety in Aus) and Grenache muscle their way in across Hunter Valley, Coonawarra and Barossa, while Margaret River is known for its rich, Bordeaux-style wines. And if you head to Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, you’ll find light and fresh Pinot Noir.

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The 2022 IWSC results highlight a real mix of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, with Cabernet Sauvignon just coming out on top. Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 from Wakefield Taylors Wines scored an impressive 93 points, impressing judges with its ‘great fruit concentration, with rounded tannins, a creamy touch of oak and a long, harmonious finish.’

Showcasing Shiraz is Elisabetta 2020 from Calabria Family Wines, which earned 92 points and a Silver medal. It was praised for its ‘depth, grip and a savoury character with elegance and richness on the mid-palate.’ Also taking a Silver medal and 92 points are Santolin’s Gladysdale Pinot Noir 2019, in which the ‘alcohol is warming and deep,’ and Village Green Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 from Bec Hardy Wines with a ‘nicely structured’ palate and ‘clean acidity.’

To discover even more wonderful Australian red wine, check out the top 10 Silver medal-winners from this year’s IWSC below.

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