The Drinking Hour podcast: Highlights from series 13

In episode 156, David Kermode looks back on some of the conversations he had with guests during series 13. Topics include the joys of English sparkling wine, the 'blood vintages' and the qualities that make a perfect sommelier

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

The Drinking Hour - 156- Series 13 highlights
Oz Clarke OBE, Cherie Spriggs, Stephen Duckett and Hannah Crosbie

In this episode of The Drinking Hour, David Kermode looks back on some of the highlights from series 13.

Oz Clarke OBE discuss the ‘blood vintages’, the devastation of the world wars on the vineyards of France and wine’s unique ability to invoke memories. We hear from Nyetimber’s chief winemaker, Cherie Spriggs, about English sparkling and how to navigate working in the world of wine with one’s spouse. On a similar theme, Stephen Duckett of Hundred Hills dives into his own unique journey in wine alongside his wife.

In the second half of the episode, there are highlights from chats with Romain Ott of Château Léoube, Emanuel Pesqueira, group head of wine for Gordon Ramsay restaurants, who shares his view on the qualities that make the perfect sommelier, and Hannah Crosbie, author of ‘Corker’, about why she refers to her new book as ‘deeply unserious’ .

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