The Drinking Hour podcast: Romain Ott of Château Léoube

For episode 151 of The Drinking Hour, Romain Ott, winemaker at Château Léoube, talks to David Kermode about life at the estate, his approach in the winery, what he looks for in the perfect rosé and being asked to make a 'Super Tuscan' in Provence

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Romain Ott

Romain Ott oversees all winemaking at Château Léoube and has been at the winery, owned by the Bamford family, since 2000. The estate is in the Provence region of France between Marseilles and Nice, and its vineyards, which almost touch the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, are farmed organically. Château Léoube is best known for its rosé wines but also makes a range of white and reds.

For episode 151 of The Drinking Hour, Ott joins David Kermode to talk about winemaking at the estate. Ott describes what makes Château Léoube special, including why organic farming was the natural choice and what the soil and site mean for the estate’s wines. He discusses the crucial influence of pressing techniques, what makes ‘the perfect rosé’ and being asked to make a ‘Super Tuscan‘ in Provence.



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