The Drinking Hour podcast: Oz Clarke on his Story of Wine

For episode 149 of The Drinking Hour, much-loved wine expert Oz Clarke sits down for a conversation with David Kermode about his latest book, 'Oz Clarke's Story of Wine', an exploration of wine and winemaking history via tales dating back to 6,000BC

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

oz clarke
(Photo: Keith Barnes)

Oz Clarke is one of Britain’s most recognisable wine experts and has written many books on wine since he fully embraced a career in the industry in 1984. He co-presented the BBC2 programme Food and Drink in the 1990s and has regularly featured in other TV and radio programmes focused on wine, food and travel over the years.

For episode 149 of The Drinking Hour, Clarke joins host David Kermode to talk about his latest book, Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine, an exploration of the history of wine and winemaking via tales dating back to 6,000BC. The conversation touches on Clarke’s love of storytelling, the relationship between wine and memory, the history and significance of wine packaging, the pleasure of decanting, the origins of sweet wine and his early enthusiasm for English wine.

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