The Drinking Hour podcast: Rollo Gabb of Journey’s End

Episode 46 of The IWSC and Food FM's weekly podcast, The Drinking Hour with David Kermode, explores Fair Trade Fortnight with Rollo Gabb of Journey's End wine

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

journey's end workers
Workers at Journey's End winery in South Africa, which prides itself on its Fairtrade practices

What does ‘fair trade’ mean in the world of wine?⁠ Episode 46 of The Drinking Hour with David Kermode marks the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight, a period dedicated to celebrating the farmers and workers who grow produce for the world’s food and drink. As such, host David Kermode speaks with Rollo Gabb of Journey’s End, a South African winemaker proud to be certified Fairtrade.

Gabb says the Fairtrade certification is more all-encompassing than you might think, with everything from fair labour conditions to energy and greenhouse gas emissions taken into consideration.⁠

Kermode digs deeper into Fairtrade winemaking with Gabb on this episode of The Drinking Hour podcast, as they discuss how the South African winery achieves value for wine lovers without sacrificing the working conditions of the people behind the wines.

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