The Drinking Hour podcast: Sarah Pidgeon of Wynns Coonawarra

Episode 47 of the IWSC and Food FM's weekly podcast, The Drinking Hour with David Kermode, takes a deep dive into the Terra Rossa soils of the Coonawarra wine region

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

terra rossa
Terra Rossa soil in the Coonawarra wine region in South Australia

How much do you know about Terra Rossa soil?⁠ In episode 47 of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode takes a deep dive into the red-hued ground famous in Australia’s Coonawarra wine region with winemaker Sarah Pidgeon, one half of Wynns Coonawarra winery.

In Australia, where Wynns Coonawarra is based, the famous clay-heavy soil is mostly found in the namesake Coonawarra area and produces a distinctive Cabernet Sauvignon lauded for its depth of flavour and cellarability.⁠ One such wine is Wynns Coonawarra’s own Black Label Cabernet, which was first produced in 1954 and is known as one of Australia’s most collectable wines.

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