The Drinking Hour podcast: Altitude Argentina

In episode 124 of The Drinking Hour, host David Kermode is joined by prominent figures from the wine industry in Argentina to discuss the country's special terroir, creating wines with a sense of place, what defines Argentinian Malbec and the rise of biodynamics

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

A vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina
A vineyard in the Tupungato area of Mendoza, Argentina

The diverse altitudes, temperatures and soils of Argentina are the main focus for episode 124 of The Drinking Hour. Host David Kermode is joined by a selection of prominent figures from the country’s wine industry, including Daniel Pi, Sebastian Zuccardi, Silvio Alberto and Juan Marcó to talk about the influence of terroir, approaches to winemaking, creating wines with a sense of place, the rise of biodynamics, Argentina’s signature Malbec and the bright Argentinian future for other grape varieties. A conversation with Alistair Cooper MW, a former resident of Argentina, rounds up the episode, as he explains how shifting attitudes to winemaking in the country are also contributing to the increasing quality of its wines.

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