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Seven award-winning Chilean white wines

From minerally Sauvignon Blancs to a lively, aromatic Pedro Jimenez – these are the best Chilean white wines from the IWSC 2022

Words by IWSC Judges

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Handpicked by IWSC

Aside from Italy, France and Spain, Chile exports the most bottled wine in the world. While UK supermarket shelves have been packed with entry-level, mass-produced bottlings of Chilean white wine over the years, in more recent times there’s been a collective levelling-up on the quality front, with some great value mid and premium Chilean offerings competing with top wines from around the world. 

International varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay dominate white wine plantings in the country, and indeed, Sauvignon Blanc dominated at this year’s IWSC. Out of the seven best-rated wines, six were Sauvignon Blanc. Four wines shared the top spot with 90 points and a Silver medal. 

Casas del Bosque Botanic Series La Cantera was ‘simply electric,’ while Viña Luis Felipe Edwards La Corriente offered a ‘crisp and zesty palate that shows great intensity.’ Viña Luis Felipe Edwards’ Sauvignon Blush (90% Sauvignon Blanc, 6% Cinsault, 4% Savagnin/Traminer Aromatico) was ‘stunningly crisp,’ and Casas del Bosque was ‘wonderfully fresh with a mineral finesse and exceptional acidity.’ 

With 88 points, Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Single Vineyard Garuma impressed judges by being ‘particularly pure,’ followed close behind with 87 points by Constanza Schwaderer Kimbao, which offered ‘bright white fruit, capsicum and sweet pea aromas.’ The only non-Sauvignon Blanc on the list, Constanza Schwaderer Kimbao Pedro Jimenez scored 87 points with its ‘lively palate into a pleasingly salty finish.’

All the Chilean white wine in this year’s IWSC was judged by an expert panel, led by Master of Wine Alistair Cooper. Other judges on the panel included fellow MWs Ana Sapungiu, Matteo Montone and Matthew Forster, along with Paulo Brammer, Elvis Ziakos, Mattia Scarpazza, Immacolata Cannavo, Sunny Hodge and Colin Thorne. 

Chilean white wine is really starting to find its groove, with exciting examples showcasing a bright freshness, minerality and mouthwatering acidity. Here’s our full round-up of the best Chilean white wine, as judged by the IWSC 2022.

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