The Drinking Hour podcast: glassware with Daniel Primack

In episode 74 of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode is joined by glassware-obsessed Daniel Primack and is asking the question, 'what's in a glass?'

Words by Club Oenologique Editors


Any wine lover worth their salt knows the importance of glassware when it comes to drinking top-quality stuff. The shape and size of your glass can drastically affect the smell and taste of the liquid inside it, so it’s crucial to choose the right vessel for your vino.

Daniel Primack, managing director of Winerackd, has dedicated his career to glassware and is passionate about studying the impact it has on ‘retronasal olfaction’ – essentially, the perception of smell when eating and drinking, and how that translates to taste. Primack joins host David Kermode on this week’s episode of The Drinking Hour podcast to explore his passion for the best stems out there.

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