The Drinking Hour podcast: manzanilla with Fermin Hidalgo

In episode 71 of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode discusses manzanilla – a style of sherry said to be influenced by the Atlantic – with one of the eighth generation at family-run Bodegas Hidalgo, famous for making La Gitana

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

manzanilla sherry

There’s a delicate equilibrium that goes into making manzanilla. Made in the coastal Andalusian town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, manzanilla sherry benefits from the richness of the ecosystems of the Doñana National Park and the Guadalquivir River, as well as from fresh sea breezes from the Atlantic that counteract the heady ‘east winds’ of Spain.

The result is what many sherry drinkers would say is the freshest form of the fortified wine, with a salty, tangy flavour and a revitalising character.

Host David Kermode explores the world of manzanilla sherry in further depth on this episode of The Drinking Hour podcast. Joining him to discuss what makes this style of sherry so special is Fermin Hidalgo, a member of the eighth generation running one of the the oldest and best-known sherry houses in Spain, Bodegas Hidalgo – home to the much-loved manzanilla, La Gitana.

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