The Drinking Hour podcast: Green Wine Future

Episode 42 of the IWSC and Food FM's weekly podcast, The Drinking Hour with David Kermode, explores 'green' wine with the founders of new sustainable wine conference Green Wine Future

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

green wine future candles in vineyard

What would happen if we all worked together to fight climate change?⁠ If we took as much time to consider what’s happening in the Arctic Circle as we do in what’s happening in the vineyard?⁠

This is a key question being asked at the upcoming Green Wine Future conference this May. The conference will bring together wine educators, producers, buyers, writers and, well, just about everyone in the wine world to talk about how the future of wine can be more sustainable. Green Wine Future’s founders say the wine industry needs to work holistically to make a positive impact on the planet, in turn safeguarding winemaking for the future.⁠

In this week’s instalment of The Drinking Hour, David Kermode dives into the world of ‘green’ wine, what the much-talked about phrase means and what’s next for the conference with Green Wine Future’s founder Pancho Campo and programme director David Furer.⁠

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