The Drinking Hour podcast: natural wine, Burgundy and Turkey’s grapes

In episode four of the IWSC and Food FM's weekly podcast, The Drinking Hour, host David Kermode discusses the merits of natural wine, what makes Burgundy so special and explores the wines of Turkey with Isa Bal MS

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

the drinking hour natural wine

Is natural wine a revelation in wine-making, or modish madness? The term isn’t really defined, making it hard to pin down exactly if it’s an industry-altering phenomenon or just a fad.

Host David Kermode and guest Freddy Bulmer try to pin down exactly what natural wine is, while Giles Burke-Gaffney from Justerini & Brooks tells us why Burgundy would be his Desert Island Drink this week.

Plus, Isa Bal MS takes us on a journey of discovery, exploring Turkey’s myriad wines.

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