Château du Breuil

Top 5 French spirits

Introduction and recommendations by
IWSC experts

When it comes to French spirits, most people jump straight to Cognac – but there’s a lot more to the country than this most revered of brandies.

In this week’s selection for #HandpickedDrinks we’ve got a range of brilliant French spirits, including liqueurs like triple sec and crème de cassis, and flavoured spirits such as Distilleries et Domaines de Provence’s Pastis Henri Bardouin – a genuine ‘grand cru du pastis’ made from a secret recipe of 48 natural herbs & spices.

There’s also a couple of top-rated brandies, including Chateau de Breuil’s Calvados, aged in casks for eight years (pictured above), and Chateau de Pellehaut’s Collection XO Armagnac.

Enjoy these five excellent spirits, each top-rated by a panel of experts from our sister company IWSC.

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