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Top 5 Croatian wines

From international varieties to exciting indigenous grapes, the quality of Croatian winemaking has shifted remarkably in the last 30 years

Words by IWSC experts

Croatian vineyard landscape with green hills and blue seas
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There has been a remarkable shift in the quality of Croatian wines over the last 30 years. During the decades of communism, until its fall in the early 1990s, Eastern Europe was largely associated with cheap bulk wines. Now, along with many of its neighbours, Croatia has rebuilt its wine industry and is producing serious, interesting wines.

“We are seeing the rise of what could be called the New Europe, as new and revitalised producers look to reclaim the region’s reputation for producing serious wine,” Club Oenologique’s CEO Christelle Guibert wrote last year after attending VINOcom, Croatia’s most popular international food and wine festival.

“What is already striking is the sheer diversity of styles on offer, and at accessible prices. As well as the well-known international varieties, Croatia alone has 130 indigenous varieties.”

This week, we’ve selected five Croatian wines, each made from a different grape variety. There’s still the safety of the excellent Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, but the more adventurous among you are likely to be most excited by indigenous varieties such as Korta Katarina’s Plavac Mali, and the “greengage and quince” Posip. “At their best, these offer real rewards for the adventurous drinker,” says Guibert.