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Award-winning rhum agricole

Get to know a style of rum originating in the French West Indies and on the rise elsewhere: here are seven of the best rhum agricole from the IWSC 2022

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martinique landscape with sugar cane
Handpicked by IWSC
'Grassy' is a common flavour descriptor for a style of rum that originated in the French West Indies (and the pictured Martinique)

If you’re looking for complexity in the glass, rhum agricole is a great place to go. The style of rum originates from the French West Indies and not only differs in spelling, but also stands out from some of the rums you might be better acquainted with thanks to its production method.

While rum is most often made using molasses (the byproduct of sugar refinement), rhum agricole comes from the distillation of pressed and fermented sugar cane juice. The drink emerged in the French Caribbean in the 1800s as a way to keep sugar factories in pocket after France turned to sugar beets as its main source for the sweet stuff.

trois rivieres rhum agricole bottle with sea view
Trois Rivières in Martinique is the producer of two standout bottles of rhum agricole from this year's IWSC

Martinique is perhaps best associated with rhum agricole – it even has its own appellation for the drink (Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique) – but it can be made anywhere and more and more frequently, international producers are experimenting with aged and unaged examples of the sugarcane spirit. One standout reason for the rise of the rum style is that many believe it can offer a great expression of terroir to its drinkers.

See it for yourself in tasting notes from this year’s IWSC, where experts have identified things like ‘green and tropical fruit’, ‘mango aromas on the nose’ and ‘undertones of earth’ in the glass. Other flavour descriptors for the spirit can often include ‘grassy’, ‘vegetal’ and even ‘funky’.

Read on for a list of eight of the best rhum agricole bottlings tasted at the IWSC 2022 – from Martinique’s own Trois Rivières to Edinburgh’s innovative Holyrood Distillery.

Holyrood distillery rhum agricole bottle
Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh has recently begun experimenting with new expressions of rhum agricole


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