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Ten award-winning Armagnacs to try

From young and fresh to impressively aged, here is a fleet of top Armagnacs worth seeking out, all high-scorers at the IWSC 2022

Words by IWSC Judges

armagnac in glasses with smokey background
Handpicked by IWSC

Armagnac doesn’t have the prestige or image of Cognac but it has history on its side. It was first made at least two centuries before its more-famous neighbour got in on the act, and because it’s distilled just once, as opposed to twice in Cognac, there’s a strong argument to say that the best Armagnac generally has greater depth and character.

The other good news is that Armagnacs are usually fantastic value for money, with examples aged for 30 years or more available for around £100 – way cheaper than other similarly aged spirits. Many single-vintage styles are available, too, making them perfect for birthday or anniversary gifts.

The past few years has seen a resurgence in the spirit’s fortunes. It may be regarded as a something of a sleepy spirit by some, but bartenders are attuned to the drink’s multi-faceted charms, and have been championing the drink, whether using well-aged versions to add depth to a cocktail, or young blanche Armagnac to deliver a burst of fruit.

inside domaine tariquet's armagnac chateau distillery
Domaine Tariquet, whose blanche Armagnac was among the award-winners at the IWSC 2021

Armagnac performed strongly at this year’s IWSC, with a host of styles all picking up medals. Older Armagnacs sung,  with the SCV Beraut’s Château de Pellehaut Ugni Blanc 40 YO Armagnac winning the Armagnac Trophy as well as scoring an impressive 98 points.

On the single-vintage front, Château de Lacquy’s Baco 2001 Bas-Armagnac offered spicy with notes of straw, almond, tropical fruit, and attractive oak, while for those seeking out a younger, fresher style, Côquetelers’ 100% Colombard Blanche Armagnac delivered ‘exquisite florality’ and a ’rounded silky palate, great texture and freshness with persistent fruit, some vanilla, and delicate spiciness.’

Every bottle at this year’s IWSC was tasted blind by a top panel featuring some of the best palates in the business, including Club O columnist and spirits expert Joel Harrison, spirits buyer Guy Hodcroft, and spirits educator Hannah Lanfear.

A true artisanal spirit that rarely disappoints, it should be on your spirits shortlist if you’ve never tried it before. We’re delighted to present the pick of the best Armagnacs from this year’s IWSC.

a glass of armagnac


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