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Ten award-winning Cognacs to try

From single-vintage and XO, to younger examples of the spirit packing just as much of a punch, here are 10 of the best Cognacs from the IWSC 2021

Words by IWSC judges

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Handpicked by IWSC

Cognac is a byword for luxury and indulgence. It has a rich history, numerous well-known producers and a general air of sophistication – with a whiff of decadence for good measure. Other grape-based-spirit lovers may disagree, but the French spirit confidently wears the crown in this particular area, with the best Cognac expressions exchanging hands for many thousands of pounds.

Such a noble spirit starts off life in a rather unremarkable way – a low-alcohol, high-acid base wine made from the workhorse Ugni Blanc variety (the same grape as Trebbiano in Italy). But two distillations later, and these wines are transformed into an elegant spirit capable of ageing for several decades.

The various terms you see on a bottle of Cognac is a clue to how long it has spent in French oak casks. VS (‘Very Special’) is the youngest, and refers to those aged for two years and ideal for mixing; VSOPs (‘Very Superior Old Pale’) spend at least four years in cask; XO (‘Extra Old’) are aged for a minimum of a decade, but usually much longer. Single-vintage Cognacs exist, too, and must be the product of just one year.

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This year’s IWSC saw some terrific Cognacs scooping the top gongs. Scoring a phenomenal 99/100 pts, Chateau de Beaulon 1980 Cognac offered tempting aromas of citrus peel, wood polish and pepper, with an explosion of tropical fruit on the palate. Another 99-pointer, and winner of the IWSC Trophy, was Hermitage’s 50 YO Grande Champagne Cognac, aged for half a century.

Among the younger offerings, the Virgin Oak edition of Cognac Planat’s VSOP displayed notes of bitter orange, savoury spice and dried fruit, with a woody backnote.

Each spirit was blind-tasted at this year’s IWSC by an expert panel, including Speciality Drinks head buyer Dawn Davies MW and writer and presenter Neil Ridley.

Cognac may be dominated by the ‘big four’ houses of Hennessy, Courvoirsier, Rémy Martin and Martell, but scratch under the surface and you’ll discover some excellent examples from some of the region’s lesser-known names.

The following is our selection of the best Cognacs from the IWSC 2021.

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