The Drinking Hour podcast: the Guardian’s Fiona Beckett and Sollasa

In episode 17 of the IWSC and Food FM's weekly podcast, The Drinking Hour, David Kermode is joined by food and wine writer Fiona Beckett, plus the trendy new low-alcohol aperitif from India

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Food writer Fiona Beckett

The Guardian’s drinks critic Fiona Beckett is a legend of the wine-writing world. Her work as a judge, food writer and pairings expert has made her one of the best in the industry – and today she  joins host David Kermode to discuss a life in wine.

Plus, there’s a brand new drink on the show this week: Solassa is a low-alcohol aperitif from India, designed to be the perfect companion to the subcontinent’s food. Kermode hears from its founders about the process of creating their dream spirit.

As ever, there are also our top picks from the IWSC medal-winner shelf.

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