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Francis Mallmann guest edits the summer 2023 issue of Club Oenologique

In Issue 14, the Argentinian chef brings his passions to our pages, highlighting the fire to be found in fine wine and spirits - in South America and beyond

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

issue 14 club oenologique magazine
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For Issue 14 of Club Oenologique, chef Francis Mallmann is in the hot seat as guest editor of the magazine. The summer 2023 issue pulls together the passions of the Argentinian chef: putting the spotlight on South American winemakers, celebrating the magic of smoke and flames in food and drink, digging into artisanal Armagnac, and exploring the art of enjoyment at a beautiful table. Inside these pages, Mallmann has us delving into themes that extend from his personal passions and unique perspective on the world.

Francis Mallmann chateau la coste club o
(Photo: Rebecca Marshall)

We joined the pioneering Patagonian chef and wine-and-spirits connoisseur to discuss his ideas at his restaurant based at Château La Coste in the South of France. Read about our meeting in an exclusive interview in which the live-fire fanatic talks rebellion, veganism, Malbec and sewing, as well as sharing news on his forthcoming restaurant projects.

You’ll find coal and flames on these pages as we unpack the open-fire cooking trend in fine-dining restaurants around the world, and delve into the ancestral fire pits employed to give mezcal its signature smokiness. See what’s at the cutting edge of South American winemaking as we look to a lighter style emerging in the glass in Argentina and introduce the latest wave of rising stars across the continent.

fuegos de apalta chef
(Photo: Matt Wilson)

We have a vertical tasting of Francis Mallmann’s favourite Armagnac in this issue’s Review section – in among the usual mix of rare and wonderful things to drink, tasted and rated by our experts. And there’s travel inspiration: from the Uruguay wine region the chef helped put on the map, to a series of must-visit restaurants based on wineries across Latin America, yet another trend kickstarted by our maverick guest editor.

chateau de lacquy vertical
(Photo: Xavier Young)

The summer 2023 issue of Club Oenologique is out on Wednesday June 28 and available here.

issue 14 club oenologique magazine

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