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Top 5 aromatic whites

There’s a huge range of flavour profiles to be found in aromatic white wines, from rose petal and orange blossom to tropical or stone fruits. Here’s our five to try

Words by IWSC experts

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Handpicked by IWSC

This week in #HandpickedDrinks we’re shining a spotlight on aromatic whites. It’s a category most commonly associated with cool climate European regions like France’s Alsace or Germany’s Rheingau, but you’ll also find examples made further afield in South Africa, Canada and even emerging winemaking countries such as Moldova, where one winery is using the indigenous Viorica grape to produce an award-winning wine with similarly exotic notes to those found in Gewürztraminer and Muscat grapes.

Many different grapes produce gorgeous aromatic wines – Riesling, Viognier and Albariño to name just a few – all of which we’ve got covered here. There’s also a huge range of flavour profiles to be found, with intense floral aromas such as rose petal, orange blossom and jasmine often followed up by fresh citrus notes on an exotic palate of tropical or stone fruits. Here’s our five IWSC award winning bottles to try.