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The 6 Best Liqueurs of 2020

They're the most diverse drinks on the planet, made with everything from pine to pumpkin. Here are six of the world's best liqueurs – all medal-winners at this year's IWSC

Words by IWSC experts

Handpicked by IWSC

Liqueurs are the most diverse collection of drinks on the planet. Think of an ingredient, and odds on it will have been made into a liqueur. The best examples have been made with everything from artichoke, chilli and green tea, to pine and pumpkin. And it’s this variety that makes the liqueur category so fascinating.

One reason for this diversity is their history. Step back a few hundred years to the Middle Ages and you’d have found monks concocting all manner of weird and wonderful recipes by blending herbs, roots and flowers with potent spirits. The ancient recipes have been refined somewhat, but herbal classics such as Benedictine and Chartreuse still exist today.

Social media has also had a big role to play in the renewed rise of liqueurs’ fortunes. Any Instagram user knows that big, bold colours attract plenty of likes and shares, and the liqueur market is packed with eye-catching bottles that cover every colour of the rainbow – think blue curaçao, crème de menthe and Campari.

Keep scrolling to find six award-winning liqueurs from this year’s IWSC tasting.