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10 top London Dry gins to try

With expressive citrus notes and a distinctive juniper core, there's a reason the classic style of gin continues to flourish. Here are 10 of the best London Dry gins from the IWSC 2023

Words by IWSC Judges

london dry gin
Handpicked by IWSC

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when gin – and its signature London Dry gin style – was even more popular than it is now. Back in the late 17th Century after heavy taxations on French wine and Cognac, tax breaks were given to those working in spirits production, which resulted in a ‘Gin Craze’, as ordinary citizens began distilling their own spirits. Gin became a cheap commodity and went essentially unmoderated (with some home brews containing sawdust, turpentine, and even sulphuric acid). As a result, a distiller’s licence was brought in, as well as regulations on gin production. Fast-forward to the 1800s, and standards were raised again thanks to the arrival of the Coffey still, which led to the birth of London Dry gin, a more consistent style rich with botanical flavours.

Berry Bros
London Dry gin can be made anywhere in the world, like Berry Bros. & Rudd's No.3, which was in the top three from the IWSC 2023 - it's distilled in Holland

Although the history of London Dry gin lies in England’s capital, while perusing the list below, you might notice that not all the gins featured are produced in the city. Despite its name, this style of gin doesn’t have to be made in London, and instead points to strict production rules and a juniper-forward flavour. Producers can only use natural botanicals and a neutral base alcohol of 96% ABV for distillation, and nothing should be added post-distillation other than water. Plus, the final product should have a minimum strength of 37.5%.

Gyre & Gimble topped the IWSC London Dry gin category this year, with their Nohow, which scored 95 points to earn a Gold medal. The judges were impressed by the gin’s ‘inviting warm spices on the nose’ and its ‘fresh and herbaceous palate of pine and resin’.

A slighty sweeter  proposition, Haysmith’s London Dry Gin earned a Silver medal with 93 points for its ‘juicy flavours of sweet fruit’ and pine notes that ‘trickle down the gorgeously sturdy juniper backbone.’ For fans of a classic, juniper-laden gin, there’s Berry Bros & Rudd’s No. 3, which also achieved a Silver with 93 points and boasts ‘a juniper-forward nose with some hints of spice, followed by a big and robust palate of sweet citrus.’

All of the gins in this list were tasted blind by a panel of industry experts. Keep reading below for the winning London Dry gins from the IWSC 2023.

london dry gin


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