The Drinking Hour podcast: The evolution of the Spritz

James Stimson and Joel Harrison join host David Kermode for episode 119 of The Drinking Hour to discuss the rise of the Spritz. They discuss the origin of the drink, why it has such broad appeal, their favourite recipes and what's next for one of the world's most refreshing cocktails

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Sparkling wine being poured into a Spritz

Episode 119 of The Drinking Hour podcast sees Joel Harrison, Club Oenologique spirits columnist, and James Stimson of Franklin & Sons join host David Kermode to look at how the Spritz has gained such widespread popularity in recent years. The conversation covers the origins of the sparkling cocktail in 19th century Italy, how it has evolved since then to incorporate a wide variety of ingredients and recipes, the key to its newfound ubiquity and the trends that will inform where it’s headed next.

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