The Drinking Hour podcast: Hannah Crosbie, author of ‘Corker’

In episode 155 of The Drinking Hour, David Kermode talks to Hannah Crosbie about her new book 'Corker'. They discuss wines to take to the in-laws, what to drink after a break-up and why Aligoté is the new party wine

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Hannah Crosbie

Corker, the new book by Hannah Crosbie, is a wine guide for those looking to immerse themselves in the world of wine without getting overwhelmed, with the author herself describing it as ‘a deeply unserious wine book’. In an extract published on the Club Oenologique website last week, Crosbie selects the best wine to choose on a bad first date.

In the latest episode of The Drinking Hour, David Kermode sits down with Crosbie to discuss her career to date, from pouring wine in a restaurant at 17 years old to having a profile published in Vogue. The pair also talk about the best bottle to take to meet the in-laws, how to hack a pub wine list and how Crosbie manages to explain carbonic maceration in 25 words.

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