The Drinking Hour podcast: Drinks trends in 2024

Episode 143 of The Drinking Hour podcast sees host David Kermode joined by Richard Siddle, editor-in-chief of The Buyer, to look ahead at 2024 and predict what's next in the world of wines and spirits

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Richard Siddle
Richard Siddle is editor-in-chief at The Buyer

For episode 143 of The Drinking Hour, host David Kermode welcomes back Richard Siddle, editor-in-chief of The Buyer, an editorial B2B platform for producers, suppliers, distributors and sommeliers, to give his annual predictions for the upcoming year in the world of wines and spirits. The conversation looks at what we could be drinking in 2024, as well as the trends and issues that may dominate the industry, including the effects on retailers and consumers of duty hikes, packing innovations, wine branding and the rise of still English wine.

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