The Drinking Hour podcast: Considering the climate with Christopher Carpenter

To mark Earth Day, David Kermode talks to winemaker Christopher Carpenter of Jackson Family Wines about the impact the wine industry has on the environment, what measures winemakers can take to reduce their carbon footprints and why he wants to introduce gopher snakes into his vineyards

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Christopher Carpenter is helping to address challenges posed by climate change in the wine industry

In episode 158 of The Drinking Hour podcast, David Kermode marks Earth Day by talking to winemaker Christopher Carpenter, who has led the transition to organic farming with a focus on regenerative viticulture at Jackson Family Wines. Carpenter is also a founding member of International Wineries for Climate Action.

An  influential figure among winemakers, Carpenter is passionate about addressing the impact the wine industry has on the environment. Through his work managing more than 20 of the Jackson Family vineyards, he has introduced several revolutionary measures to help reduce the producer’s carbon footprint.

Kermode and Carpenter discuss the wine industry’s significant carbon footprint as a whole and the challenges climate change poses to winemakers. They go on to talk through some strategies to address those challenges, including reducing water consumption, installing solar panels and using electric tractors. Carpenter also discusses his ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050 and explains why he doesn’t listen to the environmental pessimists who say it’s already too late.

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