Brora 1982 21 yr old Signatory
scotch whisky Whisky

Brora, Signatory (distilled 1982)

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In this tasting, we had two Brora expressions from 1982, and they are quite different, although neither betters the other. This one was quite meaty, like a roasting pan. There was still classic oiliness, but the fruits were dried, like malt loaf and sultanas. The palate is spirit-led suggesting a weak (well-used?) cask, but the whisky is by no means weak. Spices come through on the finish, with youthful touches of caramelised syrup.

Spirit Details

Master Category

Whisky - Scotland





Tasting Information

Name of Tasting

Old and Rare Whisky Show



Tasted by

Colin Hampden-White, Charles MacLean, Lora Hemy

UK Stockist

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