Brora 1982 Gordon and MacPhail
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Brora, 1982 Gordon & MacPhail

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Brora closed its doors in 1983 and was mothballed. However, it is soon to be reopened and the distillery brought back to life by Diageo. Back in 2014, a 40-year-old Brora was the most expensive whisky Diageo has sold, at £7,000. This expression by an independent bottler is not quite as pricey but is still impressive. It is oily, with quite a bit of smoke; orchard fruits mix with sweet tablet and toffee, and a savoury flavour akin to chicken skin rubbed with sage rounds it out.

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Whisky - Scotland





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Old and Rare Whisky Show



Tasted by

Colin Hampden-White, Charles MacLean, Lora Hemy

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