8 Year Old

Talisker, 8 Year Old

RRP £90

Distilled: 2011

Pot-Still Caribbean Rum Casks

Number Bottled: Limited Quantities

Nose: Funky, earthy and rummy, with an indulgent cakey sweetness and vibrant, almost spicy smoke.

Palate: Oily, smoky and briny with a sweet yet earthy vibe. It’s all fragrant olive oil, baking spice and sweet vanilla crème anglais, with sticky molasses and a bacon-like backbone that’s enhanced with water.

Finish: Smoky, meaty, salty and sticky.

Conclusion: The first Talisker to be matured in pot-still Caribbean rum casks, and hopefully not the last.

Spirit Details

Master Category

Whisky - Scotland




Isle of Skye, Islands



Tasting Information



Tasted by

Becky Paskin

UK Stockist

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