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The IWSC Foundation

The IWSC Foundation is a non-profit organisation and the charitable arm of the IWSC.

The IWSC Foundation was established in October 2018 with the aim of advancing the causes that are key to the growth and long-term health of the wine and spirit industry globally.

CIO Number: 1180436


The Foundation awards grants to individuals and organisations that support and advance the Foundations’ core objectives.

  • The advancement of education (of persons over the age of 16), including by providing access to training, education or work experience for those who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities, in particular in the study of wine and spirits, viniculture, horticulture, and sustainable agriculture in relation to the production of wines and spirits.
  • The relief of poverty and sickness, in particular amongst those who have worked in the alcoholic beverage industry and in particular arising from alcoholism and alcohol related diseases.

Since 2018, the IWSC Foundation has undertaken various initiatives and partnered with numerous organisations in the wine and spirit industry.

Over the coming years, the IWSC Foundation will continue to build on the IWSC’s 50+ year legacy through supporting, promoting, and advancing the growth of the global wine and spirit industry.

If you are interested in donating, working with, or learning more about the Foundation, please contact us at info@iwsc.net.