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Karuizawa, 37 Year Old Cask 6878

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Distilled in 1971 and bottled at the very start of 2008, this might be 36 years old and not 37. But let’s not nit-pick. It’s a monster. Take a note of the strength after nearly four decades – remarkable.

Nose: Hot and heavy and demanding water. There’s a mustiness, some dry fruits, some menthol notes, and spices.
Palate: Wow. The tasting equivalent of the rock band Muse: loud, proud and heavy, but ordered, well structured, and very, very complex. You need a fair bit of water, but there are dates, plums, toffee, blackcurrants, and some smokiness in the mix. It has an earthy, rustic back story, too. It’s an intri-guing Suduko puzzle of a whisky.
Finish: Long, rich and fruity. It doesn’t leave without a fight, and this is the least dignified part of the tasting journey. I think the word is feisty.

Spirit Details

Master Category

Whisky - Japan


Single Malt, Cask Strength





Bottle Size


Tasting Information

Name of Tasting

Japanese dream

Type of Tasting

Tasting feature



Tasted by

Dominic Roskrow

UK Stockist

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