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Cardhu, 11 Year Old

RRP 85 per bottle
UK Stockist
Tasted by
Becky Paskin

Distilled: 2008

Refill, New and ex-Bourbon American Oak Casks

Number Bottled: Limited Quantities

Nose: Floral and aromatic with the scent of cut grass and freshly ground malted barley. There’s a buttery creaminess – think vanilla pannacotta – with just a drizzle of honey. Beautifully light and fresh.

Palate: Sweet but still floral and delicate, it coats the mouth with a creamy, buttery texture. Things get sweeter with Honey Nut Cornflakes and Madeira cake, as oak spice gently tingles the tip of the tongue.

Finish: Floral and surprisingly refreshing with a gust of menthol.

Conclusion: Cardhu is known for its light, fruity and floral style, and this is a classic example of the Speyside distillery’s character.

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Whisky - Scotland
Cardow, Speyside