Top five French rosés (not made by celebrities)

While a host of celebrities - Cameron Diaz and Kylie Minogue among them - are making rosés in Southern France, here are five made, instead, by winemakers

Words by Guy Woodward

Often overlooked by fine-wine lovers, rosé wine is, for many, the go-to choice for a warm summer’s day. Pink wine has long been a beach lifestyle essential for the jetset, as Elin McCoy writes in her look at the new clutch of ‘prestige’, £100+ bottlings, while a host of famous names are cashing in on making rosé in – or should we say from – Southern France, aimed squarely at celebrity-conscious consumers.

Clarendelle’s rosé comes from the same stable as Château Haut-Brion

Cameron Diaz is the latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon, with her so-called ‘clean’ wine, joining Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi and the now consciously uncoupled Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in adding a new, celebrity-endorsed addition to the already overcrowded shelves of Provençal rosé in UK supermarkets.

In an effort to marry both value for money and quality we have instead put together our top five southern French rosés made, not by celebrities, but – a novel approach, we admit – by professional winemakers. And none of them costing more than £20.

Updated on 13 August 2020.