The Drinking Hour podcast: The Future of Burgundy

In the second of two special editions of The Drinking Hour focusing on Burgundy, David Kermode visits the region to meet next-generation winemakers in Viré-Clessé, Mercurey and Ladoix and learn how they are evolving and adapting to new challenges, while respecting history

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

Vine-covered hills in Burgundy
Vine-covered hills in Burgundy

In the second of two special episodes of The Drinking Hour podcast focusing on Burgundy, David Kermode meets next-generation winemakers working with the world-renowned soils of the region and explores their adoption of organic viticulture.

Kermode first visits Viré-Clessé to sit down with Quentin Michel of Domaine Jean-Pierre et Quentin Michel to discuss the impact climate change has had on the vineyard and how they have moved to producing wine organically. They also explore what measures the appellation is taking to connect with younger wine lovers and ensure it remains accessible.

Later in the episode, Kermode is joined by Raphael Bertrand and Katerina Pinto, the fourth generation of winemakers at Domaine Bertrand. Bertrand gives David a crash course in the history of the estate, while Pinto explains what exactly makes Mercurey so special.

The final guests of the episode are Pierre-Francois Capitain and Delphine Bourguignon from Maison Capitain-Gagnerot in Ladoix. The discussion focuses on the unique location of the appellation and predictions on the future of Burgundy.

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