The Drinking Hour podcast: Long Island wine special

Episode 112 of The Drinking Hour podcast comes from Long Island, where David Kermode meets winemakers from across the region to discuss how terroir and style are giving this diminutive area a growing reputation

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

A vineyard in Long Island

Long Island may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about wine but the styles created by the terroir, varietals and winemakers of the region are tapping into a trend for fresher, lighter wines. On Episode 112 of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode is tasting his way round the island and meeting a variety of winemakers and industry figures to get the lowdown on how Long Island wine can increasingly be found on lists in Manhattan and beyond. Guests include Ami Opisso of Lieb Cellars, Roman Roth of Wolffer Estate, Miguel Martin of McCall Wines, Christopher Tracy of Channing Daughters Winery and Gilles Martin of Sparkling Pointe.

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