The Drinking Hour podcast: a Bordeaux special edition – part two

In the second part of a special edition of The Drinking Hour podcast on Bordeaux, host David Kermode explores the region's white wines

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

white bordeaux

Given the international fame of Bordeaux’s red wines, it’s hard to believe that just 50 years ago the region mostly produced whites. Now, just nine per cent of production in the region is of white wine (based on 2021 figures). But there’s much to be celebrated about these whites: they’re usually made from Sauvignon Blanc, often blended with Semillon, Sauvignon Gris or Muscadelle, and are fresh, textural and, as host David Kermode says, delicious.

On this week’s episode of The Drinking Hour podcast, Kermode is joined by Sarah Van Der Beek, export manager at co-operative Producta Vignobles, which is responsible for some of the UK’s favourite wines from the region. Together, they explore the world of white wines in Bordeaux. Later in the show, a new-generation winemaker based in Graves stops by to discuss the work of an exciting wave of younger wine producers within the region.

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