The Drinking Hour podcast: Bordeaux with Stephen Brook

On episode 86 of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode is joined by acclaimed Bordeaux expert Stephen Brook to discuss his latest book, the fourth edition of The Complete Bordeaux

Words by Club Oenologique Editors


The scale of the Bordeaux region is huge: 13,000 wineries across 54 appellations. One man who’s been charting it for decades is Stephen Brook. An award-winning wine writer and expert on the French wine region, Brook has been compiling his book, The Complete Bordeaux, for the past decade – and it’s now in its fourth edition.

Published in September of this year, The Complete Bordeaux provides the lay of the land in Bordeaux, including a vintage guide of the past four decades. Brook joins host David Kermode on this week’s episode of the Drinking Hour podcast to discuss the new tome, and track the changes in the region since the guide’s last publication.


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