The Drinking Hour podcast: Jessica Julmy

On this week's episode of The Drinking Hour podcast, Jessica Julmy joins host David Kermode to discuss her latest project, overseeing the renewal of Provence Grand Cru Classé estate Château Galoupet

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

jessica julmy

When record-breaking temperatures and climate change discussions are top of the news agenda, it’s appropriate that Episode 66 of The Drinking Hour focuses on a new project in Provence with sustainability front of mind.

Château Galoupet is one of 18 estates in Provence that carries Cru Classé status, but it’s been lying somewhat dormant, waiting to be taken on by someone who likes a challenge. Thankfully, Jessica Julmy, Galoupet’s managing director, was that person. LVMH bought the estate in 2019, and since then Julmy has been putting in place a 20-year plan to transform the land – and just two years into the job she’s already spearheaded a Côtes de Provence rosé wine made in partnership with local Provençal growers and delivered in a postbox-friendly, rectangular-shaped plastic wine bottle, as well as a 2021 Cru Classé rosé.

Julmy discusses her plans in progress and those in the vineyard’s future – which include responsible viticulture practices, the creation of a biodiversity trail, the addition of 200 beehives – on this week’s episode of The Drinking Hour podcast.

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