The Drinking Hour podcast: sensory Champagne with Laurent Fresnet

Episode 53 of The Drinking Hour podcast sees host David Kermode joined by G.H. Mumm's chef de cave to explore how the glass from which we drink Champagne can impact our enjoyment of the bubbles

Words by Club Oenologique Editors


There’s nothing like Champagne – the sense of occasion conjured from a fizzing, golden-hued glass of the world-famous sparkling wine. But what difference does the shape, colour or size of the glass make to the experience of drinking it? And how does what we see, smell or taste impact what we think of it? In this week’s instalment of The Drinking Hour podcast, host David Kermode seeks to answer the question with Laurent Fresnet, chef de cave at G.H. Mumm.

Kermode and Fresnet discuss a tasting experience that recently took place with G.H. Mumm in collaboration with neuroscientist Gabriel Lepousez, which helped to reveal the difference a glass can make to the taste. Later in the epidode, Fresnet talks all things bubbles, as well as what it takes to be chef de cave at one of Champagne’s most lauded houses.

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