The Drinking Hour podcast: The terroir of Chablis

For the second of two special editions dedicated to Chablis, David Kermode speaks to more of region’s producers and talks to Robin Kick MW about Petit Chablis, a wine that offers an exciting, affordable entry point to the world of fine Chardonnay

Words by Club Oenologique Editors

A vineyard in Chablis

In episode 168 of The Drinking Hour podcast, David Kermode concludes his two-part special on Chablis, exploring the wines, producers and terroir of one of Burgundy‘s iconic appellations.

Robin Kick MW is Kermode’s first guest. She talks through the different soil types within the region, the role crushed oysters played in creating the remarkable terroir and the virtues of Petit Chablis.

Later in the episode, Kermode visits several Chablis producers to hear their experiences of winemaking. Amandine Marchive from Domaine des Malandes tells Kermode about an unexpected benefit of climate change for their wine, while Paul Espitalié, general manager at Simmonet Febvre, explains why the wines of Chablis are influenced by the several different types of limestone in the area. Kermode also discusses the juidicious use of oak in Chablis with Espitalié, who illustrates why it takes a gentle hand to ensure the oak flavours do not overpower those of the terroir.

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