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Top 5 whiskies for summer

Whisky may not be the obvious choice for summer drinking, but these light and fruity examples show that the spirit can be enjoyed all year round

Words by IWSC experts

Handpicked by IWSC

When it comes to summer drinks, thoughts naturally turn to Rieslings or gin cocktails rather than a glass of whisky. But there’s a lot more to a dram than just the traditional winter drinking. In fact, many whiskies can be enjoyed all year round.

The key to choosing a whisky for summer is paying attention to the flavour profile; rather than opting for bold, peaty whiskies, look for something a bit lighter and fruitier. Each of the whiskies below from our weekly #HandpickedDrinks initiative, has been selected for its summery flavours – whether that be the citrus notes of lemon, lime and tropical fruits, or creamy, mellow hints of sweet vanilla, honey and soft caramel.

The whiskies have all been highly rated by our expert panels at the IWSC 2019 and come from a range of regions – Speyside and the Highlands in Scotland, as well as two international renderings from Ireland and Belgium.