Rosebank, 21-year-old 2020
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Rosebank, 21 Year Old (bottled 2020)

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Rosebank has been closed since 1993, so it is always a pleasure to come across whiskies from this distillery. This was a particularly good example. With lots of tropical fruits, especially mango, there were subtle rose aromas on the nose, too. On the palate, roasted pineapple comes through, and some spice emerges on the back of the palate. The Rosebank trademark has recently been sold by Diageo, and the distillery is being rebuilt by Ian Macleod Distillers. It would be nice to think that, in another 30 or so years, we might have more whisky like this.

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Whisky - Scotland





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Old and Rare Whisky Show



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Colin Hampden-White, Charles MacLean, Lora Hemy