Balblair 15 Year Old 1970s
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Balblair, 15 Year Old (distilled 1970s)

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Balblair is a Highland distillery known for its fruity character. This dram from the 1970s is a typical example of an ester-driven Scotch (esters provide fruity flavours in whisky). There are lots of confected fruit flavours like foam prawns (prevalent in sweet shops in the 1970s). Hand cream and baby wipes give a clean floral character. The palate brings in tinned fruit salad, candle wax and snuffed-out candle smoke on the finish.

Spirit Details

Master Category

Whisky - Scotland





Tasting Information

Name of Tasting

Old and Rare Whisky Show



Tasted by

Colin Hampden-White, Charles MacLean, Lora Hemy

UK Stockist

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