39 Year Old cask 6409

Karuizawa, 39 Year Old cask 6409

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Originally distilled in 1974, this was bottled in July 2013 for La Maison du Whisky in Paris. It is very hard to find now.

Nose: As rich and full as the colour of the whisky might suggest, with plum, date, raisins and clementines. Rumtopf.
Palate: A malt has to be robust to hold off an ex-sherry cask for 39 years, and this one does so with style. A big mix of sherry notes, stewed berries, pepper and tannin spice. With water the sherry trifle and fruit rumtopf notes from the nose make themselves felt. It coats the mouth.
Finish: Taste this last thing at night and the fruity flavours and spice will still be there in the morning. Long, rich and very full on.

Spirit Details

Master Category

Whisky - Japan


Single Malt, Cask Strength





Bottle Size


Tasting Information

Name of Tasting

Japanese dream

Type of Tasting

Tasting feature



Tasted by

Dominic Roskrow

UK Stockist

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