Our Scoring System

Our scoring system rewards the following qualities: harmony, texture, layers of complexity, finesse, nuance and surprise.

All tasting notes and scores are a snapshot of the wine in the glass on that day, at that moment in its evolution. The best wines and domaines offer consistency, but all wine is constantly evolving, and even the best can be capricious. Similarly, the drink dates offered are an indication of the wine’s development rather than a hard law of physics.

Scores alone are not everything and can be misleading in isolation. Scores should always be read alongside the notes in order to fully understand the critic’s view.

The System

100 99 98
100 - 98
An extraordinary wine that is profound, unique and above all emotionally inspiring. By definition, it is the reference for a classic wine of its variety or style.
97 96 95
97 - 95
An outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and characteristics, as well as remarkable personality. A classic example of its style or variety.
94 93 92 91 90
94 - 90
An accomplished wine with considerable complexity and character. A wine with personality that will provide a memorable drinking experience.
89 88 87 86 85
89 - 85
A strong wine that ofers solid quality. A wine that provides a highly enjoyable drinking experience. Good-value and everyday wines will often fall into this category.
84 83 82 81 80
84 - 80
A perfectly well-made wine but of average quality; a safe wine with little or no distinction and excitement. A wine that provides straightforward drinking.
79 78 ... 70
79 - 70
Below Average
A wine with noticeable flaws; one that is bland or lacking character. A wine not worth your attention
69 68 ... 50
69 - 50
A wine with faults, or a wine that is unbalanced or unpleasant.
Glasses of Champagne at a wine tasting