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Issue 6:

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Following the publication of our March edition – Issue 5 – we had intended to publish Club Oenologique quarterly throughout the year – June, September and November. Sadly, the lockdown and travel restrictions that have been in place over recent months have left us unable to produce the next edition of the magazine – Issue 6 – as planned. Indeed it now seems that a print edition produced to our normal aesthetic standards won’t be possible until later in the autumn. Readers will know that the visual and photographic elements of the magazine are a huge part of its identity.

Our plan as it stands is to return in print in November, with a bumper issue, including much of the content we had envisaged for issues 6 and 7. Distribution plans for this issue will be confirmed in due course; subscribers will of course receive it as normal, and we will be in touch with subscribers separately to confirm the details. In the meantime, we’ve been ‘pivoting’, to use the current parlance, towards an online-first model, via the production of a greater amount of fresh, free-to-read online content at

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Many thanks for your continued support – we look forward to resuming normal service as soon as we are able.

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