Issue 6:

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For all the obvious reasons, we've had a hiatus in our publishing schedule this year: Issue 5, in March, was our last. Issue 6 was originally conceived in January, when the world was a very different place. It soon became clear, though, that it wouldn’t be possible to put together a magazine to our usual aesthetic standards with the restrictions we were all living under – try doing a photoshoot under social distancing guidelines, for example. As a result, we resolved to wait until the climate was more conducive to such an enterprise. 

While things are still a long way off normal, we're delighted to confirm that Issue 6 is out now. As well as being sent out to subscribers as normal, and being available in all the usual outlets, it is also available directly through, at a price of £10.

In this issue we’ve asked some probing questions: Can winemakers ever really call themselves artists? Can China’s most popular spirit make a splash in the west? Is English wine's astonishing success sustainable? And why isn’t Rioja considered a fine wine? We’ve put some of the world’s top wines, whiskies - and glasses - to the test; we’ve profiled some of the sharpest thinkers and most engaging personalities in the wine and spirits world; and we’ve showcased the joy of food and travel, from Copenhagen’s pioneering, agenda-setting restaurant (no, not that one) to the timeless beauty of Alsace. 

Ultimately, we’ve tried to celebrate the wonderful world of wine and spirits, food and travel. We hope you find time and space to do likewise this winter season.

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In this issue

Montelena vineyard


Detailed analysis of the wine & spirit scene from the world’s best writers

Champagne bottles

The Collection

The world's finest ad most sought-after wines and spirits assessed by our experts

Prince Robert at Quintus


Meet the men and women who sit at the pinnacle of the worlds of wine, spirits and gastronomy

rasmus chef


Our correspondents travel the world to visit the most talked-about restaurants and bars - and meet the three-star chefs